A little detail on the summer sandal...

Sandals have always been present in our daily lives. From antiquity to our current era, they have adapted to each civilization, to the seasons and to different styles.

The oldest shoes in the world

The history of the sandal dates back to Antiquity. Indeed, in Greek mythology, the sandal is an everyday accessory. Far from being innocuous, the sandal automatically refers to Hermes, the messenger of the gods, and his “winged” sandals ( talaria ).

Did you know that this is the oldest shoe model recorded so far? The oldest known pair dates back around 10,000 years and is believed to have been found in Fort Rock Cavern in Oregon.

Originally, the concept was to protect the feet from the heat of the ground while allowing them to breathe. Their primary use was therefore, above all else, practical and intended for a specific need. Over the centuries, sandals have gradually become a fashion accessory.

All these years of existence have allowed it to evolve with many different materials and shapes.

The summer essential

Worn at the time by gladiators, the sandal continues to reinvent itself. Flat, with heels, in leather, in fabric, plain, braided or even with Velcro, they know how to accommodate all feet when the temperature starts to rise in the summer period.

At Le Lissier we have made a pair of vegan and upcycled sandals. The lining and insole are made of textile fibers and the reused fabric is a 100% cotton blue Indian from the bicentennial Toiles de Mayenne factory.

Following a bathing error that did not produce the desired color, Les Lissiers reused this high-quality fabric to make the sandals that you will wear on your feet this summer!

The patterns and color are an invitation to relax and vacation... They will be ideal for perfecting your summer look: long dress, flowing jumpsuit, skirt, shorts or jeans.

This pair is so easy to wear, even the Greeks would have loved to have them on their feet!

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