New limited edition Eiffel Tower: Le Lissier on the roof of Paris

After Versailles, Le Lissier revisits another equally iconic national heritage monument: The Eiffel Tower!

Far from the crowd of its 6 million current visitors, the journey proposed by Le Lissier thanks to this new edition, takes us back to the elegant and intimate atmosphere of Gustave Eiffel's apartment, a pied-à-terre perched at the top of the monument more than 250m high!

Having now given way to a historical reconstruction of his office at the time, it is in this apartment that the engineer received distinguished guests and continued his scientific research.

Thanks to the SETE (Société d'Exploitation de la Tour Eiffel), Le Lissier had the opportunity to access the archives of the Tower and to upcycle one of the fabrics, dating from the 80s, used for the reconstruction of the office of Gustave Eiffel: that of the curtains, ocher with golden reflections.

Completed with a white fabric found in Paris by Le Lissier, this exclusive archive of the Eiffel Tower adorns a lace-up fabric in warm, golden tones. Always with an eye for detail, linking tradition and modernity, Le Lissier added metal eyelets as a nod to the structure of the Tower.

Through this upcycled and locally produced limited edition, Le Lissier offers a warm, poetic and daring new look at a universal and emblematic monument of French heritage.

And to prove to you that these sneakers can take you to the top, Le Lissier and the Eiffel Tower are offering 15 invitations to (re)discover the Iron Lady for the first 15 orders.

To discover on the site from 09/22/2022

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