Why do we use upcycled fabrics?

Because these fabrics have a soul!

Old curtains, scraps of fabric, ends of unusable rolls or “non-compliant” materials, each of our fabrics had a first life. Taken out of an old closet or found in an old factory, these fabrics come back to life through a timeless object: the sneaker.

Because these fabrics are magnificent and quality!

Intended to dress the most beautiful interiors, reception rooms, museums, restaurants, these fabrics are made to resist and last. They enhance our daily lives.

Because these fabrics have the merit of existing!

At Le Lissier, upcycling is part of our DNA, the brand was created around this notion of upcycling. We reuse forgotten fabrics that have already been produced so as not to create new waste.

Why produce more when there are so many materials to reuse? Only 1% of textile waste is recycled in the form of new clothing in 2020.

You should know that textiles are the 2nd most polluting industry in the world. Producing clothing requires significant amounts of water, the use of chemicals and pesticides while emitting greenhouse gases.

Upcycling therefore allows you to:

  • reduce CO2 emissions
  • significantly reduce water consumption linked to the creation of clothing
  • reduce unsold inventory that is burned
  • recycle old fabrics
  • limit the use of chemicals or pesticides