Le Lissier again in Versailles!

This jewel of French heritage once again opens its doors for two new editions where heritage, upcycling and modernity intertwine and shine at the court of Versailles.

It was within the framework of the closing of an old exhibition that the Palace of Versailles once again asked us to give a second life to two exceptional fabrics.

Made in the famous Venetian house Rubelli, they feature both contemporary and period colors, reflecting colors symbolic of royalty.

Between tradition and modernity, Le Lissier brings two forgotten films back to life. Having adorned the walls of the castle's exhibitions, they are limited, and invite us into the intimacy of the French monarchy.

The first footage, VERSAILLES VIOLET , displays intense and vibrant color. Purple was at the time the prerogative of kings because it was so expensive to manufacture, in fact only the most fortunate could afford it.

While the VERSAILLES ROUGE footage features a carmine red and highlights the power and strength held by the monarchs.

These two pairs are thus enhanced by a gold thread evoking the refinement of the courtyard of Versailles. In its responsible approach, combining the old and the new, while creating surprise and exclusivity, Le Lissier stands out once again by associating itself with one of the symbols of French history.

The two limited editions are available for pre-order and exclusively on the Château de Versailles website until June 30, 2022.

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Didier Saulnier, @chateauversailles

@Jessica Kantak-Bailey, Unsplash

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