Birds of Paradise

“Combining precious furnishing fabrics stored in my grandparents’ closets to bring them back to life through a timeless object: sneakers.”
This fabric, which is part of our selection of forgotten fabrics, has been upcycled to make the limited edition Oiseaux de Paradis . It was the first scrap of fabric that was given to the founder by her grandmother to launch her project. It is signed: MARIGNAN Grand Teint “Furniture” .

The Marigan house was a French publisher of precious fabrics. Very popular in the 1950s, it has unfortunately disappeared today.

Specializing in the manufacture of large dyed cotton fabrics, these creations had the particularity of being colorful and resistant. Indeed, the “colorfast” attribute qualified colored fabrics with good resistance to washing, light and chlorine.
Here, the fabric reveals a repertoire of exotic birds decorated by names and color associations.
This vintage canvas was originally intended for furniture decoration.
In the past, these birds brought the interiors of houses to life with their bright colors on a light background. Today, they boldly dress up your sneakers.


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