Moire, a timeless and sophisticated fabric...

Moire is a precious fabric with changing, often wavy reflections. They were obtained by crushing the grain of the fabrics with a special calender. Le Lissier presents this exceptional fabric that he chose for his sneakers.

The origin of this fabric dates back to Ancient Egypt in the Middle East where artisans, wishing to make the fabrics shinier, rubbed them on stones.

But it was not until the end of the 17th century that Moire became a recognized ennobling process. It gained its reputation in the city of Lyon which became very renowned for its manufacturing.

She then conquered the world by following the Silk Road.


Moire was originally woven from silk, wool, cotton or linen. Today, it is made of Trevira, a flame-retardant polyester fiber which allows it to remain stable and easy to maintain.


Moire adorned royal interiors and was used to make luxurious clothing giving them a luminous, amber character. Today, moire is used for curtains, seats and as wall covering in laminated version.

The hammered moire that Le Lissier has found presents changing and wavy reflections, variations in light and color typical of beautiful classic moire. Its mottled finish is achieved by striking the fabric and gives a wonderful glossy and matte contrast. Woven from fire-resistant fiber, it is very resistant. It is made in Lyon using an artisanal process which remains unchanged to this day. Each fabric production is unique depending on the moiré.


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