Recycling, reuse, repair LE LISSIER “FIX THINGS” at MERCI

An event around the concept of “Fixing Things”

Recycling, reuse, careful repairs, artisanal techniques… more and more of us want to give a second life to our everyday objects. This is how the concept of “Fixing things” becomes part of our daily lives. By repairing old, damaged or broken objects, we sublimate them and give them a new singularity while retaining their authenticity .

The values ​​conveyed by Le Lissier are perfectly in line with this eco-responsible movement. Indeed, by using fabrics destined to be left in the closet, we bring them back to life through a timeless fashion item: the sneaker. This revaluation of textiles highlights the importance of reusing these old fabrics instead of throwing them away, in order to avoid the creation of new waste.

On the occasion of this global exhibition on this booming art, imagined by Merci, you will be able to find three of our editions made from upcycled fabrics such as mattress canvas or even old curtains .


Meet at Merci, 111 bd Beaumarchais, from February 9 to April 3, 2022.

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