Le Lissier upcycles Toiles de Mayenne for the holidays

For Christmas, Le Lissier is teaming up with Toiles de Mayenne for an edition of 2 sneakers in upcycled Toile de Jouy. A new encounter between History and modernity.

A bicentennial house that became a French Living Heritage Company in 2014, Toiles de Mayenne wishes to bring its creations to life with respect for people and their environment. A flagship of made in France since the beginning, the company places its know-how in excellence. Since 2018, new management has brought a breath of modernity based on the roots of the brand, working in particular with Tissus d'Avesnières, a Mayenne printer with a bold and colorful signature.

It was therefore quite natural that the collaboration was established with the Lissiers, invited to choose from among the decommissioned fabrics the raw material for this Christmas edition. Their choice fell on Gally Canard, a toile de Jouy made by Tissus d'Avesnières and a must-have in the historic Toiles de Mayenne range. Printed on high quality cotton percale and recolored in the purest 18th century tradition with all the liveliness that the colors could have at that time, Gally Canard stood out thanks to its striking mix of tradition and modernity.

We find this Gally print at Le Lissier on 3 strong lengths: two with sparkling silver LACES where the original country and bucolic patterns of the TOILE DE JOUY are disrupted by a background with a bold coloring, DUCK BLUE or KHAKI. And a third where the modernity of SCRATCH contrasts with the traditional shades of PRUNE on cream cotton.

The LACETS TOILE DE JOUY BLEU CANARD footage is already available and can be discovered in the 16 French Toiles de Mayenne stores.

Find all the models from this Christmas edition during our discovery day on Saturday December 18 in the Parisian boutique Toiles de Mayenne at 5 Place des Victoires in Paris and now on our site.


📸: Mayenne canvases

📸: Avesnières fabrics

📸: @jade.stagram

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