Le Lissier values

“There is nothing new except what is forgotten. »
Rose Bertin
When “Ancient” rhymes with “Upcycling”
The Lissiers are not afraid to go back in time to make you see upcycling differently. From the bottom of grandma's closets to unsold items from the biggest manufacturers, we are constantly looking for old fabrics to which we can give a second life. Our objective ? Creating shoes that are timeless, elegant, environmentally friendly and above all… as unique as you.
Fabric, a singular and infinite source of creativity
Initially intended to dress the most beautiful interiors: reception rooms, museums, restaurants... the exceptional fabrics that we choose are made to resist and last. They therefore naturally pass from furniture or walls to our shoes!
Each Le Lissier piece is produced in small series depending on the fabric available, both to limit our ecological footprint and the risk that you see them worn elsewhere than on your feet!
Craftsmanship, a guarantee of quality
From cutting to assembly, all our shoes are made entirely by hand and with the greatest care in a family workshop in Portugal.
This precision work allows the manufacturing to be adapted: from one shoe to another, the patterns are different and the cutting is never the same, which makes each Le Lissier pair unique in its kind!
A place for individual and artistic expression
The alliance between classic lines and bold prints distinguishes Le Lissier models. In a relatively standardized world of shoes, they appear as designer objects with both notable and relaxed elegance, to be collected just as much as the furniture and objects of their past life.
The shoe above all
Instead of limiting a size to Women's or Men's, we have chosen to offer certain models in all possible sizes, hence the absence of heels and other distinctions. Everyone will be able to find the right shoe for them, a woman wearing size 42 and a man wearing size 39! Or even walk hand in hand with your lovely other half… It’s up to you to decide!
Le Lissier is the link between the upcycling of fabrics and the design of a shoe, between the French tradition of textile art and the modernity of unique prints, between women and men united around a collector's item as practical as it is unique.
The Lissier stands out with audacity and elegance!

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