Le Lissier X The Ethiquette

Le Lissier joins forces with the fashion house The Ethiquette and creates two exclusive pairs for the occasion.
The Ethiquette , which makes unique clothes with fabric scraps from Haute Couture houses, has an ethical approach comparable to that of Le Lissier: upcycling existing fabrics into desirable objects.

It is therefore natural that we selected two fabrics to upcycle, specific to the spirit of each brand to dress Le Lissier sneakers.
For this limited edition, our lace-up model is adorned with an Ivory Brocade that takes us back in time. This richest and sumptuous fabric was used in the 17th century to cover armchairs, draperies and curtains. Initially located in Italy, it was introduced to France by Minister Colbert who gave it a regulation in 1667. Chosen for its elegance and its golden color, this model will perfectly complement your fashion outfits.

For the second pair, our lace-up model is made from a wilder fabric. It's a bold animal print straight out of the 80's. Return to the “Palace generation”, named after this performance hall in the 9th arrondissement of Paris which attracts all the VIPs of the eighties and the underground scene. The styles are spicy, neon and carefree. Now a nightclub, we could swing our hips there with our daring Zebra pair.
Driven by the same values ​​in terms of eco-responsibility, but also the same manufacturing process based on upcycling, the association between The Ethiquette and Le Lissier was obvious. The elegant and refined image of the first was combined with the bold and designer identity of the second to tell a common story and offer a unique object.

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