Upcycling, a responsible approach that creates something new with something old!

“Upcycling” is an English word that means “ upcycling ” or “ recycling from above.” » “Upcycling” refers to the act of revalorizing existing materials by creating new objects , often more high-end, without producing new waste.

But then, what is the difference between upcycling and recycling?

The recycling

It designates an industrial process which consists of transforming waste by mechanical or chemical treatment to obtain a new raw material. This new material is then reintroduced into the production cycle, in order to create new products.

Upcycling or surcycling

It consists of creating new objects from recovered materials, without transforming them. This allows them to gain value and give them a new life. Upcycling induces the notions of added value and quality.

Our desire: not to waste and revalue
At Le Lissier , upcycling is our reason for existing. It is the basis of our brand DNA. To make our sneakers and minimize our impact on the environment, we reuse and upcycle forgotten furnishing fabrics. Results: reduction of production waste, energy saving and elimination of textile waste.

In addition to being responsible and ethical, upcycling encourages creativity, restores value to exceptional fabrics and often allows the creation of high-quality products!

Upcycling fabrics into quality sneakers
Find quality fabrics suitable for making a sturdy sneaker. This is the complexity of the work of the Le Lissier team. It's not enough to find the right pattern to create sneakers that last! You need to have an eye for finding these unique fabrics that meet 4 criteria: quality, resistance, flexibility and design .

Revalorizing our heritage
These discarded fabrics become fragments of heritage ready to wear. Imbued with memories, they are a Proust madeleine reminiscent of our childhood memories: grandma's Toile de Jouy curtains, the ocher velvet sofa from the vacation home, the patterns of the tapestry of a monument once visited...
There continues a poetic link with these abandoned fabrics, curious to know what they could have seen or heard. Le Lissier thus explores a part of each person's memories by revaluing these fabrics from another time. It is through an intergenerational object, the sneaker, that we democratize these fabrics from another time.

Passion recovery
We revisit the codes of sourcing by obtaining second-hand fabrics from atypical suppliers: upholsterers, second-hand dealers, textile warehouses, etc.
The fabrics may be unusable ends of rolls, "non-compliant" factory materials, fabric scraps or discarded household linens. For us, what matters above all is working with resistant and flexible fabrics, the primary qualities of furnishing fabrics. The reasons for their downgrading do not matter to us, they will always have value for Le Lissier .

For the record, it was the prestigious publishing house Edmond Petit which allowed us to launch our first collection by offering us magnificent fabric scraps.

Unique sneakers
Restricted by the length and rarity of the remaining fabrics, Le Lissier creates sneakers in unique and singular limited series!

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