Our history

Lissier is the fruit of Nicole's heritage

“Fascinated by the richness and beauty of old fabrics, I am convinced that they can be extracted from our old closets to enhance our daily lives.”

It was at the end of 2017 that I had the idea of ​​using old curtains stored in my grandparents' closets to revive them through a timeless object: sneakers.

After a few sketches, I complete my findings with scraps of precious fabrics found throughout France: damask chair covers, mohair velvet, golden brocatelles, upholstered bed sets... It's Versailles!

Then comes the concrete realization and the search for a factory which adheres to the project and which agrees to make my sneakers with these non-compliant fabrics. It wasn't easy... but I got there... the Lissier was born!

I then invite my friends to my Parisian apartment and ask them to choose from various vintage fabrics the one that will dress their future sneakers. Once pre-orders are completed, the first production is launched. »

Nicole, Founder Le Lissier



Worker who makes smooth tapestries. The artisan weaver interweaves threads to create a tapestry, unlike the upholsterer who places fabrics on furniture.

This artistic profession which has spanned the centuries, experienced its golden age in Aubusson in the Creuse where it is perpetuated. The town of Aubusson is famous for its emblematic smooth tapestries such as The Lady and the Unicorn, classified as historical monuments.