The Upcycle... What?


It is the act of using existing materials to create new objects without producing new waste. It comes from English and translates to “upcycling” in French.

Recycling precious fabric scraps

Cut without spoiling

Giving a second life to forgotten fabrics

Hunt for fabrics steeped in history

The desire not to waste

At Le Lissier, upcycling is part of our DNA, the brand was created on this basis of upcycling. We reuse forgotten furnishing fabrics to make our sneakers and minimize our impact on the environment: reduction of production waste, energy saving and elimination of textile waste. In addition to being responsible and ethical, upcycling encourages creativity and restores value to exceptional fabrics!

Transforming fabrics into quality sneakers

Find quality fabrics and adapt them to make a sturdy sneaker. This is where the complexity of the work of the Le Lissier team lies. You need to have an eye for finding suitable fabrics that meet 4 criteria: quality, resistance, flexibility and design.

It's not enough to find the right pattern to create sneakers that last .

Create a connection with our heritage

These discarded fabrics become worn fragments of heritage . Imbued with memories, they are a Proust madeleine recalling our childhood memories: grandma's Toile de Jouy curtains , the ocher velvet sofa from the vacation home, the tapestry patterns from a museum we once visited...

There continues a poetic link with these abandoned fabrics, curious to know what they could have seen or heard.

Le Lissier therefore explores everyone's memories by revalorizing these vintage fabrics.

It is through an intergenerational object that he democratizes these fabrics from another time.