The inspiration

Le Lissier finds his inspiration in everyday life, through travel, the colors of an exhibition, a childhood memory or old furniture...

Depending on our collections, we adopt different approaches. For some, we move towards old patterns and forgotten shades. For others, towards more contemporary designs or false plains. Sometimes it will be a favorite fabric or our current find.

Sourcing and choice of fabrics

We revisit the codes of sourcing by obtaining second-hand fabrics from atypical suppliers: upholsterers, second-hand dealers, textile warehouses, etc.

The fabrics may be unusable ends of rolls, “non-compliant” factory materials, fabric scraps or abandoned household linens. We want strong and flexible fabrics, the primary qualities of furnishing fabrics.

For the record, it was the prestigious publishing house Edmond Petit which allowed us to launch our first collection by offering us magnificent fabric scraps.

Design and prototyping

The design is developed in Paris and constantly rethought. Committed to offering impeccable quality and maximum comfort, our sneakers are improved collection after collection.

Each sneaker is unique , the cut of the fabric never being the same. Meticulous prototyping work is carried out for each model.

The making

We carry out the manufacturing in Porto in Portugal, a region specializing in high-end sneakers. Our family workshop combines technology and know-how. On the production lines, each sneaker is created entirely by hand with the greatest care.



The composition