The concept

A bold use of textile arts


It is by using abandoned furnishing fabrics that Lissier creates its collections. We source precious fabric scraps from all over France to make our unique sneakers. This responsible process is the very essence of our textile recycling approach: we reuse what has already been produced so as not to create new waste. We also consider local production as a vector of sustainable development. This is the reason why we choose our fabrics in France and manufacture our sneakers in Europe.

Recycling precious fabric scraps

Cut without spoiling

Giving a second life to forgotten fabrics

Hunt for fabrics steeped in history



Worker who makes smooth tapestries. The artisan weaver interweaves threads to create a tapestry, unlike the upholsterer who places fabrics on furniture.

This artistic profession which has spanned the centuries, experienced its golden age in Aubusson in the Creuse where it is perpetuated. The town of Aubusson is famous for its emblematic smooth tapestries such as The Lady and the Unicorn, classified as historical monuments.