The timeless

The theme of this unisex collection is sobriety. Through different fabrics, Le Lissier offers you a line of sneakers in sober and natural tones. This collection is inspired by raw materials like textured tweed, sequined canvas and brown jacquard. The bright, consistent colors are easy to combine and simple to wear.

For this new line of timeless pieces we found our fabrics in a warehouse of decommissioned fabrics. All are end of series from French publishers. The Le Lissier team collected large rolls which made it possible to make larger series for this “permanent” collection.

It offers five plain and semi-plain colors. “Fake…what?” These are fabrics with small color variations visible up close which disappear as soon as you move away, leaving only one color visible. Here are the different tones:

  • Marin: a resistant faux-plain canvas composed of two different tones of blue
  • Mamie's Tweed: a heather gray tweed which is a traditional faux-plain weave. It is part of European textile heritage.
  • Carpet: undoubtedly our favorite: a designer beige carpet to cherish.
  • Mini Tweed: a faux-plain as we like them in beige and brown tones that appeals to both men and women.
  • Flakes: a light beige canvas woven with a silver thread which gives it a sparkling touch.

These timeless sneakers for men and women are part of our textile recycling approach and each fabric is upcycled. It's up to you to choose your favorites!

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