HAUTEFORT Winter Collection

Subtle evocation of the history of Paris, between love of traditions and desire for modernity, between artisan workshops and private mansions, HAUTEFORT reflects the incorrigible Parisian soul.

Shot at the Hôtel Bourg Tibourg, in the heart of the Marais, this collection transcends the notion of time. “Bourg Tibourg has the ambition to make its occupants travel not in space but in time. »

Le Lissier takes you on a journey, and this time takes you to the magnificent Château Hautefort. Our new models immerse you in its interior from another century. Beauty is in the details, and will be on our fabrics this winter. History is precious and certain legacies are mixed into our daily lives. Our French fabric sneakers are steeped in history and stories and embody a contemporary version of French audacity and subversion.

The collection is revealed chapter by chapter. Chapter 1 "Tapestry" and "Granny's Tweed" is online, just a little more patience... We'll see you on Sunday October 13 for chapter 2.

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